The Calm After the Storm

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For a while this week it looked as though Tropical Storm Debby would end up bringing soaking rains, high winds and rough seas to Florida’s Emerald Coast. After churning away in the Gulf of Mexico for at least a week, Debby finally swirled her way on up to our area and began what most people thought would be an extended period of plain old nasty weather. Only it actually wasn’t all that bad.

Believe it or not we really only got one day of rain and a couple of breezy days, and then she was gone. We were lucky. Some parts of Florida didn’t escape so easy but here on the beaches of South Walton we got away lightly, and now the weather is BEAUTIFUL again! The skies are blue, the sun is shining and once again people can make a splash in the Gulf. Mornings are refreshing and balmy evenings are perfect for cooking out, walking the beach or catching one of our famous sunsets. Summer is here in all its glory and with July 4th right around the corner its a great time to be outside and enjoy the lazy Florida lifestyle!


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